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So, how much is this going to cost?

Every paint job is unique and deserves careful attention when determining a price quote. I take pride in working with you and your bike, from start to finish, and we can determine the cost of your job based on your needs, wants and budget. Pricing is based on time and material costs.

For example, $500 gets you a single, solid color for frame and fork. Stripping the old finish, if needed, starts at $100. Carbon composite bikes are more. Decal application starts at $50. Special paints (custom mixes, metallics, pearls, chameleons…), graphics, fades, etc., are priced according to the time required and material costs. Please provide a clean frame/fork completely devoid of parts and components. There are many great bike shops where you can have your bike disassembled and rebuilt. I am happy to recommend shops in the area.

Feel free to contact me! My ultimate goal is to make your visions come true. Discussing your future paint job is a pleasure and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.